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You will need to configure them for your own particular weather station website.
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PHP/AJAX Website Template Set - Updates

Note: this page should be used to upgrade V2 Weather-Display/AJAX/PHP templates only to new V3 templates with the any plugin.

Select the current V2 template you are using on your weather website, then press "Create Upgrade File" to see the list of files needing update to convert your website to a V3 template. Click on the "Download a ZIP file of updates" and save the file locally -- it contains all the files needed for the upgrade.
Carefully follow the Recommend: instructions for each file listed when doing the website update.

Checking the "Save selections?" checkbox and clicking on "Create Upgrade File" button will store your selections in a browser cookie so it will be available the next time you visit this page.
Note: Browser cookies must be enabled to save your selections.

If you would like your site listed as using the templates, please contact me with your weather website URL, location, Base and Plugin used.

The dates in the distribution files are stored using Pacific time (GMT-8hrs).


V3 template version history (latest 20 updates)

  • Version 3.406 - 26-Feb-2024 (CU-plugin) update tags.txt V1.11 (and samples) to correct wchillH, TwchillH to proper wchillL, TwchillL variable names (thanks to BeaumarisWX)
  • Version 3.405 - 15-Feb-2024 (Base-USA) update wxnwsradar.php, wxnwsradar-inc.php, wxnwsradar-iframe.php V2.03 to sanitize $_POST inputs to fix XSS vulerability (Thanks dwhitemv on
  • Version 3.404 - 30-Jan-2024 (Base-USA) update nws-alerts V2.00, wxindex.php V1.05, wxadvisory.php V1.05 for changes in NWS alerting. Removed atom-advisory.php and atom-top-warning.php (use nws-alerts package instead).
    (Base-*) update check-fetch-times.php V1.55 for improved diagnostics
  • Version 3.403 - 11-Jan-2024 (Base-USA) update WU-satellite-animate.php V1.01 to fix image fetch in some hoster webservers.
  • Version 3.402 - 11-Dec-2023 (Base-USA) update USA-regional-maps-inc.php V1.05 and add WU-satellite-animate.php V1.00 to generate WU IR satellite animated GIF;
    (Base-*) update check-fetch-times.php V1.54 for additional functionality
  • Version 3.401 - 21-Nov-2023 (Base-Canada) update wxradar.php V1.02, wxecradar-inc.php V1.02 to fix bug and allow $SITE['ecradar'] to work
  • Version 3.400 - 21-Oct-2023 (Base-World) update meteoalarm-codenames.json V1.03 to remove old UK0nn and UK1nn EMMA_IDs from lists
  • Version 3.399 - 19-Oct-2023 (Base-World) update meteoalarm-codenames.json V1.02, meteoalarm-geocode-aliases.php V1.02 for EMMA_ID changes at
  • Version 3.398 - 19-Sep-2023 (Base-USA) update nws-all-zones-inc.php V1.03 (used by nws-alerts) for NWS September, 2023 zone changes
  • Version 3.397 - 05-Sep-2023 (Base-Canada) update wxecradar-list-inc.php V1.05 and added CASHP and CASSN radar overlays (thanks M. Romer)
  • Version 3.396 - 07-Aug-2023 (Base-World) update OWM-forecast-lang.php V1.08, VC-forecast-lang.php V1.08 to update Dutch (NL) language translation
  • Version 3.395 - 06-Aug-2023 (Base-World) update VC-forecast-lang.php V1.08 to update Dutch (NL) language translation
  • Version 3.394 - 15-Jul-2023 (Base-World) update quake-UK.php V1.08 to use curl, wxquakeUK.php V1.01 to use https for BGS image
  • Version 3.393 - 20-Jun-2023 (MB-plugin) update conds.php V1.09, gen-MBtags.php V1.05, MB-defs.php V1.07, MBtags-template.txt V1.05, MB-trends-inc.php V1.10 to add additional variables/displays created by;
    (Base-*) update ajaxMBwx.js V4.04 for additional variables/displays created by
  • Version 3.392 - 18-May-2023 (Base-*) update wxforecast.php V1.09 to add styling for EC 'advisory' alert display;
    (Base-Canada) update ec-forecast.php V5.06 to add 'advisory' alert display same as 'statement' type display
  • Version 3.391 - 13-May-2023 (Base-*) update check-fetch-times.php V1.53 for additional USA checks;
    (Base-USA) update nws-alerts.php V1.44, nws-alerts-log.php V1.02, wxnws-alerts-log.php V1.02 for fixes to optional alerts logging
  • Version 3.390 - 24-Apr-2023 (Base-World) update meteoalarm-codenames.json V1.01, meteoalarm-geocode-aliases.php V1.01 for changes to EMMA_IDs by
  • Version 3.389 - 03-Apr-2023 (Base-*) update ajax-dashboard.php V1.34, wxforecast.php V1.08, check-fetch-times.php V1.52 to remove DarkSky forecasts (API shutdown 31-May-2023);
    (Base-World) update Settings.php V1.08 to remove DarkSky variables, update wxindex.php V1.02 to fix loading of dashboard to use $SITE variable
  • Version 3.388 - 08-Mar-2023 (Base-World) update get-meteoalarm-warning-inc.php V3.16 to fix for changed API URL and increase timeout to 30 seconds (Thanks to Wim of
  • Version 3.387 - 06-Mar-2023 (Base-World) update OWM-forecast.php V2.02 to add diagnostic messages for unsuccessful API query returns

A full version history is available here.