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PHP/AJAX Website Template Set - Updates

Note: this page should be used to update V3 AJAX/PHP templates only. Users of the prior V2 Weather-Display AJAX/PHP template set (installations done before 27-Jan-2011) should NOT use this facility for updates, but instead, consider updating their current site to use the V3 templates.
Using these updates with a V2 WD/AJAX/PHP template may cause unexpected results and website malfunctions.

You can use the query form below to see all the changed files in the selected distribution ZIP files sorted by most recent file updated. Use the date you had last downloaded the distributions as the starting date, then all the files updated since that date will be displayed for your Base and Plugin combination.

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If you would like your site listed as using the templates, please contact me with your weather website URL, location, Base and Plugin used.

The dates in the distribution files are stored using Pacific time (GMT-8hrs). Select the date below with that in mind. You can use the date shown for the Version History (below) for the 'Last Download' date to pick up a specific update (and any more recent additions), otherwise use the date you last downloaded an update to pick up all available updates for your configuration.

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Version history (latest 20 updates )

  • Version 3.272 - 08-Dec-2018 (Base-World) updated DS-forecast.php V1.05, DS-forecast-lang.php V1.04 for optional current conditions display box, cloud-cover now used for better icon choices
  • Version 3.271 - 04-Dec-2018 (Base-World) updated DS-forecast.php V1.04, DS-forecast-lang.php V1.03 for lang=sr (Serbian) language translations.
  • Version 3.270 - 02-Dec-2018 (Base-World) Added DS-forecast.php, DS-forecast-lang.php to replace WU-forecast.php (since WU is no longer issuing API keys).
    (Base-*) Updated check-fetch-times.php V1.24, ajax-dashboard.php V1.27 and wxforecast.php for DS-forecast support,
  • Version 3.269 - 30-Nov-2018 (Base-*) update get-metar-conditions-inc.php V1.17 for https to + fixing several Notice errata; update plaintext-parser.php V1.31 to avoid $Conditions collision with get-metar-conditions-inc.php
  • Version 3.268 - 23-Nov-2018 (Base-*) update get-USNO-sunmoon.php V3.02 for https access to USNO
  • Version 3.267 - 06-Aug-2018 (AWN-plugin) update AWNtags.php V1.05 for non-Davis weather station rain/wind reporting
  • Version 3.266 - 28-Jul-2018 (Base-Canada) update ec-radar.php V2.03 for EC website change (fix get latest image issue)
  • Version 3.265 - 22-Jul-2018 (Base-World) updated get-meteoalarm-warning-inc.php V2.10 for cURL and https access to site
  • Version 3.264 - 13-Jun-2018 (Base-World) updated WU-forecast.php V3.05 to avoid saving partial (no forecast) JSON in the cache and reusing the cache instead
  • Version 3.263 - 27-May-2018 (Base-*) updated quake-json.css V2.01 to adjust z-index values in CSS to better work with Saratoga template flyout-menu set
  • Version 3.262 - 26-May-2018 (Base-USA) updated advforecast2.php V5.09 (JSON) and DualImage.php V1.02 for new NWS tropical_storm and hurricane icon usage via
  • Version 3.261 - 25-May-2018 (Base-USA) updated advforecast2.php V5.08 (JSON) with fixes for point/zone JSON changes from
  • Version 3.260 - 10-May-2018 (Base-*) updated quake-json/wxquake package to V2.00 to use Leaflet/OpenStreetMaps instead of Google Map for display without requiring an API key.
  • Version 3.259 - 14-Apr-2018 (Base-USA) updated advforecast2.php V5.07 (JSON) to add caching for point->gridpoint forecast URLs + WFO info on Zone forecast
  • Version 3.258 - 12-Apr-2018 (Base-USA) updated advforecast2.php V5.06 (JSON) for PHP warning error when no alerts are available
  • Version 3.257 - 01-Apr-2018 (AWN-plugin) updated AWNtags.php V1.04 to correct issue with Last-Modified header for SSG/realtime outputs
  • Version 3.256 - 26-Mar-2018 (AWN-plugin) updated AWNlast24.php V1.02 to fix wind gust rose where windgustdir JSON is absent
    (Base-*) updated check-fetch-times.php V1.23 to check for AWNlast24.php version
  • Version 3.255 - 13-Mar-2018 (Base-USA) removed wxnoaaiod.php/get-nnvl-iod.php from distribution as the NNVL has stopped publishing "Image of the Day" in March, 2018.
    (Base-*) updated check-fetch-times.php V1.22 to remove NOAA IOD checking for versions.
  • Version 3.254 - 11-Mar-2018 (AWN-plugin) added full multilanguage support, new Wind Gust Rose display, wind rose(s) now display in site units (not just mph)
  • Version 3.253 - 07-Mar-2018 (AWN-plugin) added trends and Highcharts graphs capability

A full version history is available here.