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NexStorm Display


Wide Area Storm Probe 2 (WASP-2) from Astrogenic

WASP2 Lightning/Radar display

The above image was produced by Astrogenic WASP2 software (V2.3.3792.22547) using information from StrikeStar US. We report lightning data to StrikeStarUS by Astrogenic NexStorm (V1.9.1.8120) software.

Other Lightning Detectors in the region

California: San Luis Obispo | Vacaville | Placerville | Orange County | Brown's Valley | Tahoe Vista
Nevada:  Las Vegas, NV |  S. Nevada  
Arizona: Gold Canyon, AZ | Phoenix, AZ
Utah: Weber Canyon, UT

About the lightning detector

Boltek PCI Lightning Detector SystemThe lightning detector is a Boltek StormTracker PCI system. The picture at the left depicts the antenna (black box, above) and the PCI card to analyze the data coming from the antenna. The software to further analyze and plot the data is Astrogenic NexStorm V1.9.1.8120:PCI.

The system records four types of lightning:

+CG Positive cloud to ground strike.
-CG Negative cloud to ground strike.
+IC Positive in cloud or intracloud strike.
-IC Negative in cloud or intracloud strike.
Noise - electrical signals from other sources than lightning.

Tom at has an excellent writeup on lightning detection.

Our lightning data is submitted to for the USA, SouthWest and NorthWest maps and summarized for presentation here by WASP2 (V2.3.3792.22547) from Astrogenic.

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